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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Blogger Guidelines to Ban Adult Content

New Blogger guidelines announced will ban adult content starting March 23, 2015. So, it looks like the death of this blog. It's been a hoot for the last 4 years. Thanks to all who have visited.

I have a Tumblr account (as a test) that I may use. Doesn't seem like Tumblr is as straight forward as Blogger. They don't care about what's posted there, so that's a plus. I also have my digitalempress site that I have neglected since joining Blogger.  And I can also post R+ stuff on Deviant Art. And, of course, the main site for my wrok is

I'll probably leave this site up for a week or so. I'll give more details on future posting sites soon.
You can always reach me at


  1. I've been passing this around to others, and please, pass this around to all the 3D erotic artists you know. I had a feeling this was coming, as there was talk of it a couple years back. This was partially why I created Ambient Dimension, to allow erotic or downright pornographic 3D art. And you are ALWAYS welcome there! Tell me what you folks would like to see to make things more to your liking to post your 3D erotic art, and I will do my best to add it in! To be honest, I was hoping to have one unifying place where all 3D art, erotic and non erotic, can post stuff, but mostly, I wanted to see the erotic stuff not all spread over the internet in different corners. A place where it can be all gathered together. Let me know, anything I can do to help you folks move over, I will try and do. Heck, the website is free, so its already got no barriers to entry!

    1. Really great information, but can there also be uploaded picture sets?

  2. Well, the end of your blog is a sad thing for me.

    Great pic of Lacy. Thank you.

  3. Yes that is really so sorry, I cannot believe it, that we all 3D artitists have no place to share our artwork sets . Thumblr is not good. I don't know where to share my artworks now...