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Monday, July 11, 2011

That sneaky Albanus

At the end of the story "Acantha's Surprise", Alabanus agrees to coach Acantha in the fine art of fellatio. She tells him that he must never part her thighs again or be sent to the dungeons. Did she hold him to that?  We never find out in that episode, but it appears that he may have had the opportunity to part them once more.

It was the last night they'd be able to meet in the remodeled room. Tomorrow the workers would work late into the night as they put the finishing touches on the room. The eastern pastures had an abandoned stable that would work as their last meeting place tomorrow. But why worry about tomorrow when he had a beautiful woman on her knees before him. He had taught her well and now he just let her show him what she had learned.

The last night of his tutoring, Alabanus and Acantha went off to the abandoned stable , where he gave her his last lesson. He stood before Acantha and she took him in her mouth. He noticed the sparkle in her eyes as she stared up at him, working her mouth around him. He decided at that moment that he had to have one last time. Before she could finish him with her mouth, he surprised her.


  1. That lucky man. ;)
    Nice to have this, 'Acantha's Surprise' was a great read. Especially loved her clothing in the beginning.

    Any chance on having more pictures and a similar story sketch for the 'dark forest'-scene? There's just somethin' about girls with demons... ^^

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks!!

    I've got something percolating in my brain right now, but, yeah, I'll throw that in the mix.

  3. girls with demons, even better are girls with goblins and monsters...