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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lament of an Empress

One of the latest pages...


  1. Always good to see the ever gorgeous and sultry Acantha.

  2. Good to see there is some more comics in the works.
    A big fan of your series. I like the attention to the story and the cool characters. Would love to see you adding some diversity in the male characters tho, so far most of them are 30 years old standard guys. The imps were cool, would love to see them more, as a complete characters, not just a random beasts.

    Keep it interesting and crazy, mate. And thanks for the efforts.

  3. Thanks for the comments nevarran. Can you expound a little on the male characters? You looking for older, littler, fatter, different races? I'm always looking for good idea. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  4. Yeah, fat, midgets, old, young... different from the good looking macho. I mean, when the empress has to sleep with a guy to get him sign a trade contact, the self-sacrifice is much stronger when the guy is old or uglier. It also looks more realistic in my mind.
    Guess I have that beauty and beast fetish :)

    Different species as well, like the imps I mentioned, or the trolls. Being part of the story as a full characters, acting more humanly :/ From time to time we get to see the trolls acting intelligently, like working with the priestess in the first book, but in general the beasts act like the usual beasts. Or the white troll, when I saw him the first time, I was hoping he'll be some sort or smarter troll, trying to organize something more than pillaging and raping humans.

    That's just my 5 cents tho. You have your own style, that's what I appreciate most. You're the G.R.R.Martin of the 3D adult comics. With the dark settings and that "everyone fucks everyone" attitude of the characters :)

    p.s. I haven't read book 11 yet, so I don't know if some of the things I'm talking are addressed there.

  5. Thanks nevarran. I see what you mean. Gives me some things to think about. I do think you'll get some of what you're looking for in Book 11.

    Feel free to chime in any time!