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Monday, February 3, 2014

Acantha's Desire Released

Now available at


  1. well cap, I just bought it and I liked it very much! I like the character of albanus the most of your males and it good to read bout him again. very good prequel. I dint like pliny and thought seriously that he has a big fucking mouth and that acantha should order his head to be removed. the mute was cool.
    keela is gorgeous and awesome congratulations.
    I noticed you seem to have had trouble with albanus' pants fitting during the sex encounter or was that done on purpose, curious?
    anyway, well worth the money, great job and thanks!
    maki is wholly unattractive, she looks like an undead vampire Vulcan (the Vulcan part is cool though) vessa would have been better in the scene

  2. Glad you liked it. Those damn pants are a pain.Had nothing but problems with them.

  3. lol, ok, that's too bad cuz albanus deserves decent pants! lol. you need to have Dyaa asa gladiator in there somewhere that acanthi watches and fucks later! woot!