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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Marble Phallus

Lydia, relaxing in the garden.

Iberios, I've darkened up the hair. Still some slight highlights from the lighting.


  1. looks better but two of your contemporaries have told me to suggesttoyou to decrease the flatness of the color and heighten the reflective shine and that will make it go away. i have no idea how to do that personally but they said you would know.
    they said to lessen the shine on your blonde's hair and it wont come out looking unwashed or 'dirty blondish'.
    also putting some reflective highlights on the skin to 'moisten 'it will give them a more 3d , life like look.
    now remember that these suggestions come from two other 3d artist that love your work, but were afraid they might offend you. i said i would do it cuz i asked thier opinion when i give them the details of my ongoing commissions i regularly get from them.:)
    and if it dont matter to you, then its all good but dont be offended, please! :D

  2. Shoot, I'm always looking for tips. Glad to have them. I certainly don't profess to be an expert. I will have to try those out. Thanks again.

  3. isadora and lacy are my favorites, hands down. iam really looking forward to seeing what you do with diona too, seems intriguing.
    i would love a set of isadora and lacy together somehow! what a fantasy!